Search the Shoah Victims Database


The database contains more than 78,000 names of victims from the Czech lands and provides information about the fate of Jews who perished in the ghettoes of Lodz, Minsk and Terezín and in concentration, labour and extermination camps. The database can be searched by first name/surname or by the victim’s last place of residence prior to deportation or arrest. Name searches must contain at least three characters (e.g., Pol for the names Polák, Polak, Polack or Pollack). The database is linked to a navigation aid for finding the names on the walls of the Pinkas Synagogue. To search for the names of victims from other European countries who went through the Terezín ghetto, see the website (created by the Terezín Initiative Institute, the Terezín Memorial, and the Jewish Museum in Prague). The website content is stored in the Jewish Museum’s data repository and currently includes information about the fate of more than 125,000 victims.