History of the Pinkas Synagogue

The Pinkas Synagogue is one of the oldest synagogues in Prague’s Jewish Town. Dating from the early 16th century, it was built as a private house of prayer for the family of Aaron Meshulam Horowitz at the edge of the Old Jewish Cemetery.

Memorial for the Victims of the Shoah from the Czech Lands

During the Nazi occupation, the Pinkas Synagogue was used as a warehouse of confiscated Jewish property. After its reconstruction in 1954-1960, its interior was turned into a memorial for the more than 78,000 Jewish victims of the Shoah from the Czech lands.

The Faces of the Victims of the Shoah

The outdoor projection of photographs of Shoah victims gives a face to some of the names that are written on the walls inside the synagogue.

Permanent Exhibition

Journeys with No Return